“Mitosis” (2021) is a series of 3D printed objects that mimic real world camera gear. The camera gear was scanned using photogrammertry, then 3D printed so as to make a precise replica and to ensure that these objects were not handmade. Mitosis speaks to a biologically deep relationship we have with images and that images have with the world. 

A portion of my thoughts behind the piece are here:

“The story of Narcissus is one of overextension. Narcissus is a character in Greek mythology, who is born handsome, knows it, and becomes obsessed with how he looks. He gazes for hours into his own reflection in a pool of water. He becomes numb to the rest of the world, desiring nothing more than the shape of his own mirror image. In the end, Narcissus becomes a puppet of his own image; he becomes an extension of his reflection. The “Mitosis” (2021) series explores how images exhibit an narcissistic extension of themselves...”

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Video of the process to turn photogrammetry into a 3D print: