Camera Roll 2020. (2020)

Camera Roll 2019. (2020)

Camera Roll 2018. (2020)

Camera Roll 2017. (2020)

Camera Roll is a realtime interactive mediation that allows me to view myself through a mosaic of images sampled from my smartphones camera roll from distinct years. By overlaying the images on my face using a GLSL shader in TouchDesigner, and by designing it so that different tones of the image reference different images, I was forced to contort my body and move around in order to see glimpses of images from my past. I repeated this exercise for different years of my photo captures, each time eliciting a distinct reforming and re-fragmenting of my personal photographs, and each time suggesting a different bodily performance to see different images. These photographs were proxies for moments I deemed worthy of documentation, and the realtime interactive exhibition of these images allowed me a space to perform a (gentle) dance through my timeline. An overtone of this work is the spatialization and contextualization of images, which in an age where images are overabundant, is increasingly rare.