Bits of Advice

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Bits of Advice is a site that displays bits of advice written by my father. Originally posted in a series of static blog posts (here, here, and here), this site revamps the presentation of the advice and makes it possible to share indiviual bits of advice, allows visitors to "favorite" advice with a starring mechanism, and allows them to sort advice by length to find the pithiest and most poignant pieces.

I grew up around these pieces of advice. They were not all said explicity, but they were always in the air. I have used them more than once to at least reflect on decision points in my life, or at most in-the-moment use them to dictate a decision. I made this site both for myself –to get aquainted with the advice, and develop a sort of shrine around it– and for others to discover for themselves and find something that speaks to them. Please enjoy!

Tech stack

Front end
  • Next.JS (SSR & SSG)
  • Tailwind

  • Firebase Realtime Database (NoSQL)