Investigate is an app that allows users to create and share notes about Ethereum mainnet blocks and transactions. Certain transactions and blocks contain significant moments -- e.g. exploits, frontruns, sandwich attacks, hard forks, mints. Typically you would share these moments through ad hoc screenshots with trackpad drawn graphics. Investigate is a platform to circumvent the screenshot and neatly document and share narratives about these moments with other users in a contained space.

Create narratives about a block or transaction.

Share moments publicly and disocver narratives made by other users on the Explore page.

Sign in with Ethereum -- compliant with to EIP-4361 standards. No email sign up! Metamask is required to use the app.

Tech stack

Front end
  • React Query
  • React Router 6
  • Ethers.js
  • Tailwind

  • Rails
  • SIWE

External APIs
  • Etherscan
  • Alchemy